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synth1112The fabulous free VST plugin Synth1 by Ichiro Toda would have to be in my top three favourite VST instrument plugins. It has been around since about 2001 and to this day is the number one free plugin on the KVR Audio plugin ranks.  It doesn’t have the prettiest GUI, but the sounds that you can get out of it more than make up for its looks. Synth1 strikes a nice balance between simplicity, ease of use and sonic flexibility. This VST instrument can do nearly every synth sound: basses, leads, keys/mallets, pads, strings, FX, percussion and even some useable drum sounds.

I have built a library of presets over time and now I’ve decided to share some of my favourite ones. This is Synth1 bank of 128 original presets covering basses, leads, keys, pads, FX and percussion sounds. They are useable for a wide variety of electronic music styles, but probably more oriented towards ambient, chill, drum and bass, glitch or dubstep.

You can listen to a couple of demo tracks I made using entirely (well except for the vocal samples and a bit of reverb and EQ) with my preset bank for Synth1:

You can get the Synth1 preset bank (zip archive) here:

DOWNLOAD Synth1 Noisecrux Preset Bank (128 presets) 56kb zip archive

The drum sounds used in the demo track are not included in the preset bank above. You can get a mini-bank containing 17 drum sounds here:

DOWNLOAD Synth1 Noisecrux Drum Presets (17 Presets) 8kb zip archive

To install them, just copy the zip file straight to the “zipbank” folder in your Synth1 plugin’s directory or extract the .sy1 files to a “SoundbankXX” folder in the Synth1 directory.

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9 comments on “Synth1 VST Instrument – Free Bank of Presets
  1. Thommas says:

    Hey Andrew, thanx for posting this, easily one the best preset banks for synth1 !

  2. ROB says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I’m having much trouble getting my Synth1 to make any noise at all. I’m on Mac, and use both Logic and Ableton but nothing! I think it’s to do with Synth1 not being able to locate it’s init sound but struggling at how I can make it recognise anything!

    Help much appreciated.


    • Hi Rob, I’m not quite sure what the problem might be as I use synth1 on PC. Check if the factory preset zip bank is located in /Users/YourUsername/Documents/Synth1Patches/zipbank or if the presets have been extracted from the zip to individual directories eg.
      /Users/YourUsername/Documents/Synth1Patches/soundbank01 etc.
      If the presets are in those directories then it should work. Sorry, if that doesn’t help. Maybe try to ask on the KVR audio forum as there are plenty of people that are more knowledgeable about synth1 on OSX than me on there

  3. mike says:

    Nice sound bank! These sounds are awesome!
    Also, are these sound banks royalty free for use in a commercial project?

    Thank you,

  4. Nikita says:

    Thanx! Very nice sound!

  5. Alper says:

    Thank you very much for preset!

  6. Joshua Merrick says:

    these are awesome, thanks for putting them up! I’ve always found synths a little tricky to get my head around, this has helped a ton!

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