Multisampled Electric Guitar

peaveypredatorHere is a free multisampled clean electric guitar for you all to use in your productions. I recorded a Peavey Predator electric guitar (using the bridge humbucking pickup position) direct into my audio interface. There are 23 notes sampled, from E2 to C6 at two velocity layers, as well as muted strings and string slide noises so you can add some additional realism to the programmed guitar parts.
Included in the sample pack are programs for SFZ, Shortcircuit (VST sampler) and Beatmaker2 (iOS) formats. There are two Beatmaker2 presets – the full instrument and a lighter (only one velocity layer ~12Mb) version to conserve RAM.
To install the SFZ/Shortcircuit sampler presets, just extract the samples and the sampler programs into the same directory. For Beatmaker2, you will need to extract the archive to your Beatmaker2 user directory preserving the folder structure; i.e. the samples should end up in the “My Content/sampler/samples/elec gtr/” directory.
The samples are 100% royalty-free for non-commercial and commercial use. I just ask that you please don’t redistribute them though.
DOWNLOAD multisampled Peavey Predator electric guitar (19.3Mb)
You can listen to a short audio demo below. The demo features the raw, unprocessed samples.

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3 comments on “Multisampled Electric Guitar
  1. [knot] says:

    Heyyy… That’s nice (from you) !

  2. philippe says:

    Tank for samples guitar electric . Good good sound in SF2 for SFZ after convert . Bye

  3. kepsu says:

    Thanks man this is awesome!

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