A Free Bank of Presets for Sylenth1 VST


Dear readers, it’s been a while but here is my latest free download – 65 patches for the wonderful Sylenth1 VST synthesizer plugin. All of the presets have been originally created by Noisecrux and are free for commercial use but please don’t redistribute or resell them.

The sounds include basses, leads, keys/poly, FX sweeps and atmospheres, dubstep-style wobbles, reeses, robot growls and some percussive sounds. They are mostly harder or harsh-style sounds, suited to Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Electro but there are a few Ambient, Trance and House styled sounds in there too.

Have a listen to the short demo track below for a preview of some of the sounds in the bank. I hope you enjoy them.

DOWNLOAD Sylenth1 Noisecrux Preset Bank (65presets in FXB format) 25kb zip archive here

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6 comments on “A Free Bank of Presets for Sylenth1 VST
  1. Mike Benson says:

    Thank you.

  2. Going to check them out tonight thanks!
    Sylenth is one of my go to synths so new sounds will be nice.
    I’ve got a growing list of free loops and free vsts on my site http://www.loopartists.com so feel free to check it out!

  3. bett says:

    Love the patches. Which patch is that coming in at 28 sec on the demo song… Big fat muffled DnB bass and what processing did you do to it please? … is there a specific distortion plug-in or pedal needed for that big DnB sound. any other effects.. Thank you! -B

    • Hey thanks, the muffled DnB type bass patch is #005 BAS-Growli. It uses the Sylenth1 built in overdrive distortion effect set at about 70% overdrive and 100% wet, other than that there are no other effects added to it

  4. mfmajid says:

    Thank you very much

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