Tone2 Firebird VST Synth – 64 Free Presets

tone2-firebirdBack in August this year Tone2 released their Firebird VST synth as freeware (it was formerly a commercial synth selling for $79USD). At face value, it’s another two oscillator subtractive synth with a single filter section and LFO, but what sets it apart from the crowd is its Harmonic Content Morphing synthesis. This synthesis method is similar to spectral morphing and a bit like wavetable scanning. It has 84 oscillator types which can be morphed and further modulation techniques can be applied to the waveform to provide a huge palette of possible timbres.

What I like most about this synth is its crystal clear highs, producing razor sharp sounds that really cut through. Using the “fat” control knob, it’s also capable of making very thick unison sounds – great for the supersaws if that’s your thing or for some warm, fat pad sounds. Firebird has an effects section with some okay effects (chorus, delay, reverb, flanger etc) and it’s user interface is simple, user-friendly and non-distracting so that you can focus on programming the thing. The only downside to this synth in my opinion is its limited modulation sources and abilities.Firebird has cemented its place in my ever-shrinking list of VST synths as I love the pads, soundscapes, drones, keys and mallet sounds that you can get out of it and it’s those sounds that I use it exclusively for.

So anyway, here are 64 presets I made with Firebird consisting of pads, soundscapes, drones, keys and mallets suitable for ambient, film music, trance, house and other chill/downtempo EDM styles. I’ve uploaded a demo of a selection of the patches on Soundcloud which you can listen to below.

To install, just extract the FXB file from the archive to your directory of choice and import/load the FXB into the Firebird VST plugin.

DOWNLOAD 64 Firebird Presets in FXB format (Zip Archive 6Kb)

Note: For Cakewalk SONAR users who are unable to load FXB banks, you can download the individual FXP patch files here:

DOWNLOAD 64 Firebird Presets individual FXP files (Zip Archive 21Kb)

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4 comments on “Tone2 Firebird VST Synth – 64 Free Presets
  1. Robert Wagendorfer says:

    An excellent soundset! These patches say more than 1000 words about this synth and your skills. Thank you!

  2. Brendan says:

    Wow! Hands down the best patches for Firebird! Excellent job!

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