Noisecrux – Free Electronic Music Production Resources

17794_3803My passion for sound design began sometime in the mid to late nineties when I developed an interest in synthesizers and samplers through my love of industrial techno and metal music.  I think my earliest sound design attempts involved running a Yamaha PSR-310 keyboard through a Zoom guitar multi-effects unit, tweaking the guitar effects to create the right sound because you couldn’t modify the keyboard preset sounds in any way. In the following years I got hold of an Ensoniq Mirage keyboard sampler which introduced me to more conventional synth programming, then the Akai S01 sampler which I eventually upgraded to an S2000 sampler which opened up the possibilities of sound design through sampling.

Over the last decade and a bit I discovered the wonders of software synthesizers (starting out using the fabulous Stomper, SimSynth, VAZ and TS404 and progressing from there…) and now, like many of you, I don’t really use hardware synths and samplers anymore.Over the years of music making and sound design I have used many great software tools, synths, effects, presets, loops and samples that have been made freely available on the internet by their generous authors. Not only is the software freely available but also the knowledge in the form of articles, tutorials and videos on electronic music production. I still use many of these free resources today and as I appreciated these things very much in the past when I was young and short of cash, I am sure it is appreciated by those budding electronic musicians today in the same situation.

So, to give back something to the community that has been so generous in the past and to this day, I have created this site as an outlet for my free electronic music production resources in the form of software synth presets, loops, samples, articles and tutorials.

I hope you find some of it useful. Happy music making.